About Us

Who Are We & What Do We Do?

Consumer Assistance Center (CAC) is a consumer advocacy group specializing in protecting the rights of consumers from creditor’s aggressive and sometimes unlawful collection efforts.

Is CAC a debt settlement company?

No. CAC does not negotiate, settle or in anyway work with your creditors to resolve debts.

Do I have to work with a debt settlement company or be enrolled in a debt settlement plan to utilize your service?

No. CAC helps you regardless as to whether or not you are enrolled in a debt settlement program.

What service does CAC Offer?

We offer a creditor harassment mitigation service for consumers. Our services are designed to be educational and supportive, to assist each member in understanding how to deal with collectors.

Is CAC a law firm?

No. CAC is not a law firm and as such can not give you any legal advice. Please do not consider CAC to be your attorneys. We are required to tell you this so that you do not confuse our educational instruction with legal advice. There is a difference, and if you require help with legal issues like representation in lawsuits, please contact an attorney.

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